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Split Dollar

Life insurance plans in which the premium obligations and policy benefits of a life insurance policy are split between two entities, typically an employer and employee, who share the premium costs and split the benefits at the death of the insured or termination of the agreement.

High-Limit Disability Plans

• For highly-compensated individuals who need to supplement basic disability plans which may not provide enough coverage for their needs.
• For persons who may not be insurable under traditional disability plans because of medical history, high-risk occupations or unusual financial conditions.
• Offer great flexibility, with monthly benefit and lump-sum plans available to enhance and supplement existing disability coverage.

Bonus Plan

An executive bonus life insurance plan that avoids the nondiscrimination rules that apply to other fringe benefits by having shareholder employees and executives who participate in the plan apply for, own, and name the beneficiary of a permanent life insurance policy covering their lives. The corporation pays the premium through a bonus payment to the insurer or as a bonus to the executive.